Everyday a bunch of thinkers and doers, travel through a city of inspiration
and gather in a workplace. We are MOKSHIANS

To share visions, and convert them into reality, to create stuff, to deliver results that solve problems. In a world where creativity now comes in templates, we work closely with you to help you stay original and remain human on your digital interfaces.

Our Expertise

We mainly focus our skills on brand identity, digital creation and the link between these two fields

Our digital scope encompasses the creation of responsive and applicative websites as well as the conception of interactive installations. Our view as designers makes us strive for a perfected result while never neglecting the creation process. This will, as well as our taste for community-based development on platforms such as Github, enabled us to create Mokshians, our content managing system.


Innovative brand strategy that grows your business

UI & UX Design

We bring together technical know-how, business strategy, customer needs, and your vision


Creative solutions and strategies that are tailored to the unique characteristics of their projects

Print Design

Create a strong brand image along with quality content

Our clients

“We partner with brands we believe in because great things come from being inspired.”

7 Best ways for trekking agencies to utilize your off-season months

So the trekking peak seasons are coming to end, and like usual many of you are now thinking about how to spend the off-season months. We met a few of my clients with the same concerns. During these meetings, we came up with some interesting ideas on how to utilize the free time to workContinue Reading

Some easy steps to protect your websites and emails from hackers

You might be aware that globally there have been increasing numbers of hacking incidents.Recently, lots of Nepali sites specially trekking websites are being hacked and some have even faced financial frauds. We strongly recommend you to take these easy steps to be safe from unwanted damage on your website, brand and company itself.

What branding is NOT?

Everyone knows what is branding. Everyone can give examples of Nike, Adidas and Apple's logos. And while we do agree with what they know about branding, we want to tell them a little bit what they DO NOT know about it.

5 quick online marketing tips for 2017

Here are some detailed tips for your website and online marketing. Email newsletter, content update, redesigning, social media management & blogging. Start giving some time to your website and social media now.

Who are we

Your online presence should be interactive, responsive and appealing. That’s your requirement and that’s our passion !


We take time to understand your world. How your brand and customers tick. What’s emotive and resonant to them.


We then connect the dots. Sound strategy underpins all our creativity. So this means our solutions begin and end with the success and profitability of your business.


We listen to you. Our relationships with our clients are vital to the final quality of the creative solution, and ultimately their success.


We put all the pieces into action to create the final working product. We then test, revise, launch and maintain.