5 quick online marketing tips for 2017

Posted on 01 4, 2017


2017 has officially started.

Goal setting and planning is important because it is about using your time more productively.

With lots of research and study, we have found that, successful people make better use of their time because they are disciplined goal-setters. 


So, did you set up your online marketing goals for 2017?

If not, then here are some goals we have setup for your website and online marketing:

1. Email Marketing ( eNewsletter)

Email marketing is very effective and cheapest method to reach out to your customers. Email marketing will help you to keep your relationship maintained with your past customers and also to find out your potential customers. So start sending emails, you can also call it eNewsletter.

Sending out at least one Newsletter per month is a good idea to start.

2. Update your website content

How old is your website? What is the last time you have updated your content? We have found that many clients do not look back at their website content once it gets launched. Sometimes it’s been 8-10 years.
Seriously, it’s time to update your contents. Make it up-to-date, relevant and fresh.

Some tips to update the content:

– Change photographs
Yes it’s time to update the photographs used in your website which are not changed since it is launched. You are updating so many photographs in your FB page, so why not in your website too ?

– Go through the itineraries and update if necessary. Many things, major camps, routes etc might have been changed by now.

– Add social media ( Facebook and Twitter ) link in your website if you haven’t yet. Facebook is easiest way to boost your online marketing. So you definitely want to guide your potential customer to your Facebook page via website. Or vice versa.

– Testimonials
Adding more latest testimonials from your fresh tours is a very good idea to increase your company’s trust factor.

– Keep it simple and clean
Years ago we used to put a lot of text content in our website. Trends have been changed. People do not like to read a lot, they like to scan through important contents. So update your content so that most important content are highlighted and remove the unnecessarily overloaded contents.

3. Redesign

Your website is the gateway for your customers, so take a good look at your website. If your website was made before 3-4 years then it might have these issues:

– Not responsive
Today most of the websites are designed and developed to be “Responsive”, which means the pages of a website adjust itself to any devices like mobile, tablets or PCs. Since this is the era of smartphones and devices. It is very important to make a website responsive.

– Not trendy or appealing than your competitors
You cannot ignore the fact that the first thing to hold a customer in your website is the beauty of your website. The internet design trends have been changed so much that today’s modern websites look so appealing, beautiful, and visually stunning. If your website looks old and outdated, obviously your competitors are having their benefits.

– Static or Dynamic
Is your website static or dynamic. Is it CMS(Content Management System) based or not ? If your website is static, then it’s time to develop a dynamic, CMS based website. CMS will allow you to change, edit, update all the contents ( texts, pages, menus, images etc ) of your website yourself without having to ask for the web designer/developers.

4. Social Media

If you are not using social media today, then you are running very behind in today’s competitive era.

You cannot miss the opportunity to build your audience around millions of people who are daily involved in FB or twitter or youtube.

So, if you don’t have social media accounts yet, don’t be late to open accounts in Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc today and start posting. Start communicating to your potential customers.

5. Start a blog

Why do you need a blog:

– Drive traffic to your website
A blog is the only section in your website, which you can update frequently with fresh contents. Use this opportunity to constantly create relevant content for your customers, to engage, interact with them, and also to promote timely relevant packages.

Use your website blog as the foundation of inbound marketing. Meaning, you can post various content in your facebook, twitter, youtube etc, but try to use the relevant blog post and drive the potential customers to the website.

– Increase your SEO
Blog is the best way to boost your SEO. The fresh and user-oriented content is the key to step up in search engines compared to your competitors.

It is also huge chance to use your popular keywords in your website via blog posts.

– Position your brand as an industry leader
Blog posts which demonstrates your knowledge, experience, expertise and client bases will help you to create a trust factor, a credibility among you and your potential customers.

Use blog posts to deliver very high values. Post useful information about various packages, destinations, travelling tips etc.

– Develop better customer relationships
Blog is the part of your website, where users can communicate with you via commenting. If you will be able to interact with the customer asap, it is very likely to get business out of it.

There might be your competitors selling same stuff you sell, but how you can stand out is give your users very valuable informations, educations, tips etc. Customers like to get educated and more information from experts. So through blog we can demonstrate our knowledge, share our information, build trust and credibility and ultimately funnel them down to the sales.

So, start giving little time to your website and social media this year.


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