Don’t be the cheapest. Be the best.

Posted on 11 14, 2014

My clients often ask about their pricing. Most of them want to compete the competitors on price. I tell them “ Don’t be the cheapest, try to be the best around.”

Instead of competing on price, compete on value.

The main question is how long term you want to think? If you offer cheap packages, you will get the same kind of customers.

If you focus on the quality of your service and market the value your customers will get, you will be getting the customers those respect the quality and that helps you in your business’s sustainability too. Those customers have high chances to be your regular customers, or they will be referring other customers.

I believe most customers are willing to pay more if you offer value that goes beyond what your competitors can offer.

From my experience of designing 100s of trekking websites, I have a tip for you: INCREASE!

Yes, increase your price. But, before that increase the value.

The value you provide to your customers through your service, through the information you give, through the personal and human correspondence.

The content writer of your website might have written the same copy in tens of other similar websites. So take some time and read your content today. And ask yourself:

  • Does it feel like it is representing your personality?
  • Does it talk to your customers like you would talk in person?
  • Does it display your expertise, your experience, your passion, your hospitality, your class?
  • Or, does it simply feel like “just another website” similar to your competitors ?

It’s never too late 🙂

– SuMoksha, Designer/Founder at Moksha


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